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65 E.State Street, Suit2000
Columbus, Ohio 43215
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Attention:Dennis R.Mowrey

Email: sales@nalux.co.jp

"Lighting a path to the future with nano-optics."

Nalux Nano Optical, Inc. is the US sales office for Nalux Co., Ltd, the premier designer, prototyper, and manufacturer of high quality glass, plastic, and metal optics in the industry today.  Molding the majority of the world’s pick up head lenses (the tiny lenses in CD and DVD players)  as well as significant percentages of f-theta lenses (the large lenses found in the scanning units of office printers), cell phone camera optics, and computer camera optics, Nalux Nano Optical has the competence to take a project from design through development and into mass production.  

Not only can Nalux Nano Optical manufacture plastic and glass optics in high volume, Nalux has assembled an exceptional team of optical, mechanical, and processing engineering talent that understands the needs of today's optical community.  Capable of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing either just the optics or a complete assembly which is packaged and ready to go onto the shelf, Nalux Nano Optical stands ready to do as much as required allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business.  We can make a single custom optic or we can make millions.  We can be your entire design, production, assembly, and order fulfillment facility and let you concentrate on generating sales, or we can simply supply the optical components you need for your assembly operations.  

Nalux Nano Optical has four state of the art facilities in Japan.  We have one facility in Osaka prefecture that is dedicated to optical coatings.  We have a second facility in Osaka that is dedicated to producing high quality plastic molded optics and a third facility in Shiga prefecture that is also involved with injection molding and assembling optical modules.  Our fourth facility, located in Kyoto prefecture, is dedicated to the mass production of glass optics and is also the location of our research and development team.   

Whether it’s micro-optics with structures in the nanometer range, f-theta lenses that are often 7 inches long and a half inch thick, or complete optical assemblies, Nalux Nano Optical  has 250 employees with the technical expertise to do the job right the first time.  We’ve done it for some of the largest companies in the world and we'd love to work with you.