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"Lighting a path to the future with nano-optics."

Medical Optics

The field of medicine is developing new treatment methods and better diagnostic technologies at a faster rate.  As the world's population ages, this innovation is critical to allow us to enjoy better health throughout out lives.  Optics are playing a key role in these new advancements and their use will only continue to grow.  

Medical optics often can be relatively large optics with multiple optical functions performed and Nalux is well versed in these types of optics.  However, one of the main areas that health care optics is growing rapidly is in the area of micro cameras.  Endoscopes, arthroscopes, and other scopes rely on very small diameter lenses in order to make tiny cameras.  These cameras then relay images of what is inside the human body back to a display allowing doctors to identify any health issues that may exist and take steps to treat the problem.  

Obviously, these cameras must be very small to fit into spaces as small as veins while causing minimal discomfort to the patients who are undergoing the diagnostic procedure.  This is where Nalux comes in.  Nalux has a unique expertise in making lenses for cameras that are small enough to fit into the human body.  And it's not just lenses.  Nalux is capable of superimposing diffractive structures onto the surface of the lenses so that additional optical function can be achieved in a single optic.  To give an idea of the scale of these lenses, Nalux has worked on some projects where the lenses need to be less than 0.5 mm diameter.  

In order to make optics as small and as accurate as this, very specialized equipment is needed for both the mold making and the molding process itself to accurately control both the size and the shape of the lens in order to return the clearest picture possible back to the medical professionals who ensure our health.  Nalux has invested heavily into both the equipment needed and the engineering expertise to solve the most demanding problems and we are ready to put this expertise to work for you on your next project.