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"Lighting a path to the future with nano-optics."

Optical Mirco Motor

Nalux not only provides optics, but it also develops micro machines such as the optical micro motor.  This device is a MOEMS (Micro Opto Electro Mechanical System) capable of turning light into mechanical energy.  The optical micro motor has three main working components:

1.  A micro optic that emits a spiral phased light wave.  
2.  A spiral horizontal gear sensitive to light. 
3.  A vertical gear attached to a drive shaft.  

The optical micro motor works when a planar light wave enters the optic.  As the light passes through the optic, its phase is changed to a spiral pattern.  The spiral phased light wave contacts the second main element, a spiral horizontal gear, causing the gear to rotate.  The teeth of the horizontal gear are meshed with the teeth of the devices third element, a vertical gear attached to a drive shaft.  As the horizontal gear rotates, it's teeth, which are enmeshed with the vertical gear, cause the vertical gear to rotate as well as the drive shaft which is attached to the center of the vertical gear.  All of this interaction allows the optical micro motor to convert light energy into mechanical energy.  This device is a breakthrough development in the area of MOEMS.  By providing a new and simple mechanism to convert light into mechanical energy, the optical micro motor affects a whole array of applications.  The optical micro motor allows solar power to be used directly to generate mechanical energy instead of having to first convert the light into electrical energy.  This means that the efficiency of solar power generation using the optical micro motor can be a huge increase over existing solar cells which are notoriously inefficient.  For more concentrated power, lasers can be used to drive the device. 

With the optical micro motor, Nalux's engineering talent shows it's ability to innovate and introduce products that can change our world.  Call us today and we can help change your world too.