Reflective infrared IR camera optics are a new and exciting development at Nalux.  Our innovative design staff has developed a reflective infrared IR optics system that drastically reduces the costs of optics for infrared camera applications.  Currently, IR optical systems require the use of lenses made out of germanium or similar IR transmissive materials that are very expensive materials to both purchase and to form into the correct shape.  Reflective infrared IR camera optics allow a reflective camera optical system to be created instead of a transmissive system.  By making a reflective system, the infrared IR camera optics can now be made out of inexpensive plastic materials with a reflective coating applied, basically making a system by using reflective mirrors instead of transmissive lenses.

What are the advantages of a reflective infrared IR camera optics system over a traditional germanium lens based transmissive system?  The short answer is price.  Traditional germanium based transmissive optical systems cost about $800 to $1500 depending on the complexity of the system.  A system that uses reflective infrared IR camera optics costs about half that price.  This price advantage is huge in that it allows some applications that couldn't be considered because of the price of the cameras to now become reasonable, all because of using reflective infrared IR camera optics.  

Reflective infrared IR camera optics are just another example of Nalux's innovative design capabilities and our manufacturing capabilities.  The design team conceived of the idea and the manufacturing department has the skill and equipment to plastic injection mold the reflective elements to the required shape and to coat them with the metallic coatings needed to create the mirror surface.  Reflective infrared IR camera optics could soon be providing a huge drop in the price of IR cameras and this is just one more example of the type of products that the Nalux design and manufacturing team can provide for you.  Give us a call.  

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